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One-on-One Consultant Options


It Always Looks
Easy Until You Do It

It took me years of trial and error to build a thriving private therapy practice. 

With my signature consultant services, you don't have to take the hard route like I did. You can learn all my secrets, tips, hacks and key lessons.

"Invest in the help you need to launch and grow your own private practice."

My consultant services offer so much and are jammed packed with real, proven information and strategies. I started my practice Premier Professional Counseling in 2013 and have grown to a very successful group practice. With my programs, I can help you do that exact same thing!

View your options below and book your risk-free consultation today!


Intensive 4-Hour

Online Session
  • A packed overview of how to start or grow your practice

  • Covers business structure, goal setting, strategic growth

  • Includes streamlining and diversifying income

  • Perfect for a newbie or someone with an established practice



Intensive 3-Week Session:
1.5 Hours Weekly
  • This is a condensed version of the one on one coaching

  • Workbook, worksheets, templates, marketing, social media

  • Business plan overview, IRS/State registration training

  • Unlimited App access for questions with a 24-hour response



Intensive 6-Week Session:
1.5 Hours Weekly
  • Creating a client avatar that works & IRS/State Registration

  • Financial planning w/expert, tools, automation, pitches

  • Business plan overview, program creation, credentialing

  • Marketing, branding w/expert, social media successes, policy and procedures

  • Access to the course recording for 30 Days

  • Includes workbook, templates, and worksheets

  • Guest experts available in some sessions

  • Unlimited App access for questions with a 24-hour response

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